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"From all indications, this year's ConvergX really hit the mark. What I loved most about it was the dealers' level of enthusiasm and engagement on the content presented by our people, and their commitment to make plans to take the necessary actions together to leverage the capabilities to build their business," said Jim Coriddi, VP, Dealer Division... Read More

ENX Magazine’s Elite Dealer awards are designed to recognize the top leaders in imaging and office technology. “We are proud to be recognized by ENX Magazine because their criteria for the Elite Dealer award are completely in line with the core values that guide our business every day,” said Brent Simone, Stratix Systems President and CEO, Read More

November 26 Update: This began as an HP/Xerox Dance, became an aggressive tango, and now almost fisticuffs. In its November 25 letter to Xerox, HP stated that “…we are not dependent on a Xerox combination” and “We will not let aggressive tactics or hostile gestures distract us…” Where will it all end? Read the full text of Xerox’s Nov. 26 letter. Read More

When you manage office printers and other output devices effectively, you will become more efficient and lower costs. That’s the basic idea behind Managed Print Services (or MPS), which helps businesses run operations more efficiently. By working with an MPS provider, companies can digitize information smoothly, improve their workflow, and in gener... Read More