Prof Chopra Invited as Keynote Speaker

January 8, 2018

Department of Printing Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata organised ‘PRINTVIZON’ – a national level seminar for the advancements, developments, opportunities in Printing Technologies. The colourful 2 days seminar was organized by the students which remained a grand success.

Delivering his Key-Note address, Prof. Kamal Chopra, emphasised the need for quality print education. Motivating the students for adopting printing as a career Prof. Chopra said, “Printing is the second largest industry of the world and is the biggest invention of the mankind till date. Printing is the mother of all revolution and the history of printing is the history of civilization itself. Printing literally touches every human’s life like none other. Think about the presence of printing in everyone’s life, each and every person on the planet has some element of printed product daily, from newspaper to printed toothpaste tube, printed clothes, printed label on all the household goods and above all your money. There can be houses without internet, without Tv without Radio and even some without telephone somewhere in the world, but arguably print has the presence in each and every household in the world, may be rich or poor be it developed of developing country.”

Printing he said, has an unequalled history of strength – and believability. It has the power to shape ideas and influence action. It is important to note in today’s world of sound bites – of fleeting impressions – of here today gone tomorrow messages that print lasts. No one should every underestimate this power. You all know the glorious past of this industry and there is bound to be a promising future in this profession. So you are in a wonderful profession and you must feel proud to be a printer.

Speaking on ‘Print & Beyond’, Prof. Chopra said, Printing is nothing else than the vehicle of your ideas and now with technological advances we are moving at such a rapid pace that what we thought ludicrous in the past are now slowly becoming reality. One of the areas affected by major significant changes is the printing industry. Earlier, Printing was considered to be an art then it converted in to technology, with the adaption of Offset became combination of Art, science and chemistry. In computer age electronics was also included and sooner Digital Printing emerged. It is a continuing story, now space science, architecture and biology is also included in printing. Printing now is not merely ink on paper; it has grown into a vast technology, Printers that spit out three-dimensional human cells and even organs, including the heart and liver, may seem like science fiction. But real scientists are taking real cracks at such a reality. The ability for the masses to make almost any object not only fuels imagination but challenges modern consumerism and its supply chain.

Prof. Chopra further added that change is the law of nature and with Industry 4.0 revolution printing is going to change and believe me INK on PAPER is now not the printing. He said, May be 5 or say 10 years back PCO were available at every nook and corner now we have the phone in our pocket so the PCO start closing down. Then these PCO shops converted themselves into phone charging booths and now the recharges is available online, have you noticed the change? Today every third shop is mobile shop where you can get service, sale, recharge, accessories, repair and maintenance of mobile.

Now everything can be purchased cash less you can book your air/rail ticket on your phone. There is drastic shift on currency transactions people are going cash less and Plastic Money is taking the place of Cash. Not only this money can be transferred anywhere with friction of second, transactions are not digital.

In 1998 there were 1,70,000 employees in Kodak and they were selling 85% of photographic paper. With the introduction of digital photography now there is no sale of photo paper, the company became bankrupt and all the employees were without job within years. Now they have started selling CtP, software, and digital offset machines.

Prof. Chopra emphasised the need to adopt the change and persuaded the students to learn about the change and what is coming next. He said, it is the time, rather I will say that it is the only time to work hard for your bright future. The quantum of hard labour Putin now will decide the standard of your future life. Try to study so deeply that, you may have the courage to challenge your teacher if he can find anything wrong in your answer books. The hard work now will give you satisfaction in your entire life, believe me. So once again, admire your college and respect your teachers for the successful career.

Welcoming the students to Print World, Prof. Chopra discussed the printing with the students one by one and also awarded certificates to the participating students at the validity session.

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