Why the Cloud Works for Workflow

March 13, 2017

By Scott Brandt

Most of the jobs we do require discrete steps, accomplished incrementally over a period, veering from time to time based on input, changes in the environment, and the whims of human nature. (I hate when that human nature thing kicks in.)

We receive information and data from various sources while we do our work and hopefully the information is correct, timely, understandable and in a usable form. Without “good data” we may not be able to complete our tasks, or perhaps we accomplish our work but with erroneous or sub-optimal conclusions or production.

The Source of the Information
So, the quality of our work is highly correlated to the quality of the information we receive in terms of accuracy and timing. Access to better, more timely, more usable data are, in general, better, and, in general, improves our performance. Over time our access to information has substantially improved from basic paper files, to digital files, to analytics, and now to big data and artificial intelligence. But some of this information is still delayed or not readily available simply because of our location. This is where the cloud comes in.

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